Everything constantly under control. Turnkey solutions tailored just for you

LVS CLEANROOMS is your high-qualified partner in creating the ultimate customized environment for the highest quality medical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, semiconductors or other controlled areas.

Key points: • the diversity of medical equipment and related services• personalized and tailor-made services• consultation provided by experts with experience in the field• complete offers and adapted to the requirements

LVS CLEANROOMS offers turnkey solutions, consulting, design and execution services, implementation and development services for construction and installation projects, upgrading of existing facilities, qualifications or retraining for the following sectors: • Pharmaceutical industry (production of medicines, microbiological laboratories, sampling areas, packaging, storage, changing rooms)• Health (operating rooms, ATI, neonatology, sterilization stations)• Food industry• Microelectronics (semiconductors, micro components)• Research (laboratories) etc.

Basic project planning steps:

LVS CLEANROOMS provides detailed information regarding the design, execution and validation of a cleanroom. We take your project from greenfield to the full operation and delivers turnkey solutions or just handle partial refurbishments and local upgrades using as a component (AHUs, walls and ceilings partitions, lighting fixtures, special floorings, dedicated cleanroom furniture). Through the execution of turnkey projects, we ensure the management of all the components involved: • coordination of specific activities;• supply of materials and equipment;• commissioning;• validation;• training of user personnel;• maintenance & service. LVS CLEANROOMS also provides economical and efficient solutions for products, design, technical infrastructure and safety, such as fire protection, sound protection and structural analysis.


• complete solutions for all types of clean rooms• in-house development and production of fit-out products• practical ergonomics through function-oriented planning• expedient service thanks to quick implementation• investment security through interchangeable, standardized elements• individual concept to meet your requirements• wide-range expertise• the highest standards on quality and function

LVS CLEANROOMS will jointly plan the entire project execution with you and establish an efficient overall concept. Our expertise makes us an experienced partner for every phase of your project.


1. Spitalul Clinic de Uregenta Floreasca, Bucuresti - Bloc Operator, sistem HVAC2. Spital Clinic Coltea, Bucuresti - Centru Transplant Celule Stem, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC3. Spital Medicover, Bucuresti - Bloc Operator, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC4. Spitalul Clinic de Urgență Bagdasar-Arseni, Bucuresti – Bloc Operator, sistem HVAC5. Emerson, Cluj-Napoca, Laborator Certcetare si Productie - solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC +GM6. Farmec, Cluj-Napoca - Laborator Cercetare, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC7. Amethyst, Cluj-Napoca – sistem HVAC8. Spital Pediatrie II, Cluj-Napoca - Izolator imunosupresati, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC + GM9. Spital Clinic Filantropia, Bucuresti - Bloc Operator, sistem HVAC10. Spital Monza, Bucuresti - Bloc Operator, sistem HVAC completa AMENAJARE + HVAC + GM

11. Institutul de Fizica a Materialelor, Magurele – Laborator cercetare, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC + GM12. Crida Pharm, Oltenita – facilitate productie, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC13. Institutul Național de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Microtehnologie, Bucuresti - Laborator cercetare, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC + GM14. Spitalul Judetean Buzau – Maternitate, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC + GM15. Spitalul Clinic Judeţean de Urgenţe "Sf. Spiridon", Iasi – Bloc Operator, sistem HVAC16. Dacia Plant, Brasov - facilitate productie, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC17. Spitalul Militar Brasov - Bloc Operator, solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC18. Spitalul Polisano, Sibiu - Bloc Operator, solutie HVAC19. Spitalul Clinic Republican, Chisinau - Bloc Operator, solutie HVAC20. Coloana Medicala, Bucuresti - solutie completa AMENAJARE + HVAC + GM