Specialized in Format design & implementation Formats for radio and TV stations - from Talk to CHR, from Gold to AC, from Generalist to Classical music

Specialized in Format design & implementation Formats for radio and TV stations - from Talk to CHR, from Gold to AC, from Generalist to Classical music, etc.

The team develops the STRATEGIC PLAN that makes you different and credible in a RELEVANT way and provides high quality programming including the Station Playbook (the master plan with the specific steps), research, strategies, Bootcamp for the team and Talent Coaching, management training and executive solutions plus promotions support in order to add value to the whole business and uniquely define the station on air, online & on the street.

LVS PROJECT MANAGEMENT- experience project success with a full range of development and construction management services. • Cost control and schedule• Quality management• Safety• Constructability• Startup and commissioning• Construction coordination• Field engineering• Contract management

LVS PM offers real estate development, planning and restoration tailoring solutions to clients' exact needs.LVS PM allows for a cost-effective and focused approach to achieving specific project goals.LVS PM provides complete project support from acquisition to occupancy.

By analyzing the development potential of land and the owner's availability regarding an eventual investment, LVS PM proposes integrating a full range of development and construction management services: • Establishing the best use of the property (existing lands or buildings).• Creating a concept of development and establishing the urbanistic indicators suitable for future investment.• Carrying through due diligence and preliminary budgeting.• Offering consultant coordination report and design.• Initiation and authorization of the execution project concerning the local public administration.• Coordination and completion of execution work.

Light greatly influences perception and plays an essential role when deciding whether to enter a particular retail store. Choosing and using the right lighting collections inside commercial spaces is one of the most effective methods to attract more customers, to sell more and to strengthen the company's image. • High color rendering index for ensuring optimum recognition of colors and materials• Efficient light spectrum• Reducing heat loads and avoiding fading• Less energy consumption LVS LIGHT FIXTURES offers the most simple and reliable path to customized, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions by providing their customers with optimal advice, ideal orientation, and perfect light.