Rapid Doors, Light Fixtures, Furniture & DesignThe synthesis of functionality and flexibility


- your partner for import, distribution, sales, and fit-out of premium furniture, lighting and accessories solutions
- expands the unparalleled offering of fine furniture and décor conveniently available through trusted online destination


LVS FURNITURE & DESIGN offers a complete range of residential, office, hotel, restaurants, commercial and office furniture solutions, imported from the most renowned international furniture manufacturers.


We offer complete import furniture solutions from all over the world, thus covering a wide range of needs for individuals and companies. All our suppliers are using the latest equipment and technologies to adapt and design the final product according to the needs of each client.

Key Features:


• Renowned Design Brands – We aim for excellence in our quality services and products so we have hosted some of the best-renowned design brands including Bolia.com, NORR11, Flamant, Woood.


With this vast selection of fine furnishings, LVS FURNITURE & DESIGN serves as a singular destination for individuals and companies to explore extraordinary home furnishings.


Available through design showrooms and specialty shops, these prestigious design brands are also accessible as part of LVS FURNITURE & DESIGN’s unparalleled retail experience through its online stores: Formes, Smukt Liv, Flandre, Decodome.


• Excellence quality - We work with top suppliers from all over the world to be able to offer the widest range of options and unique furniture for any online or retail furniture store in Romania, HoReCa and Fit-out market.


• Unique furniture - Through our carefully selected partners, we promote the doctrine of sustainable interior design. No matter what your style we deliver simplicity, relaxation, functionality, and refinement. Therefore, our exclusive design pieces integrated into a large collection of furniture pieces and handmade decorations, created from the finest materials.


• Large collection - We have a wide portfolio of over 20,000 products with many possibilities of customizing and through our partnership approach, we manage to find the right solution to each project.


• Partnership approach - We care about the best possible relations with our partners. We are open to various forms of cooperation and we always act following the win-win principle based on solid pillars: respect, trust, and professionalism.

LVS LIGHT FIXTURES - An economical and long-lasting lighting solution

• Commercial lighting for use in production halls, retail stores, and office buildings
• Street lighting


• Ensure optimum visual conditions for any type of industrial hall
• Resist dust and humidity
• Withstand vibrations and temperature fluctuations
• Comply with maximum standards of hygiene in the food industry
• Cut operating costs thanks to energy-efficient LED technology
• Reduce time-intensive maintenance work with their especially long lifespans.


Light greatly influences perception and plays an essential role when deciding whether to enter a particular retail store. Choosing and using the right lighting collections inside commercial spaces is one of the most effective methods to attract more customers, to sell more and to strengthen the company's image.


• High color rendering index for ensuring optimum recognition of colors and materials
• Efficient light spectrum
• Reducing heat loads and avoiding fading
• Less energy consumption


LVS LIGHT FIXTURES offers the most simple and reliable path to customized, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions by providing their customers with optimal advice, ideal orientation, and perfect light.

LVS RAPID DOORS - The synthesis of functionality and flexibility

We offer a wide range of rapid doors for industrial warehouses & logistics activities, our smart solution that will help mitigate the productivity losses.


Rapid doors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be installed with a series of operational controls, including automatic controls, remote control, smart sensors.

Key Features:


• Technological edge - exceptionally fast, extremely safe & extra strong.
• Productivity - helps businesses to maintain higher productivity through staff & energy efficiency.
• Increased security - their quick open/close times cut the risk of employees entering non-authorized areas of your facility.
• Applications – reduce the loss of heating and cooling and prevent the propagation of noise, odors or particles in the air.
• Cost savings

Known for high speed, minimal maintenance and maximum running time, our rapid doors offer the widest range of solutions for industrial closures that fit any needs and budget.